VIP and Transfer Services

VIP and Transfer Services

Meeting the guests of many domestic and foreign pioneering customers in the sector at the airport, their hotel transfers and company visits are conducted by our expert, experienced, reliable and specially trained and selected staff who drive our vehicles with various capacities.

To our valued customers and guests,

Our latest models for transfers are equipped with high quality standards and have all kinds of comfort.

In line with the needs of our customers, through our passenger cars and vehicles having various capacity, we provide services in the day-to-day company visits, additional vehicle requests in case of overtime and the documents delivery. All of the vehicles used in our passenger car service have the certificate of passenger transport with fleet cars.

Customer requests are received through our transfer portal and our vehicle and driver information is notified to the personnel who will receive the transfer service by mail and SMS. In addition, thanks to this portal we have used, we can determine the cost centers and allocate the invoices of each department and provide the reports of all the months of the service received retrospectively to our customers.

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