Transay Insurance

Transay Insurance

Always with you: Transay Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

The house you live in, the workplace you work in, the car you use, all your belongings … More importantly; your health, your loved ones, your family, the future of your children You don’t want to risk anyone, do you? That’s what Transay Insurance is for. We serve Transay quality in all insurance solutions from the smallest policy to the most comprehensive package.

Transay Insurance; With its technological investments, high quality expert staff and newly established operations center, it aimed only one thing: To understand its customers better. To this end, it has introduced an approach that looks at insurance services from the eyes of its customers. Transay Sigorta is no longer the ’counterparty’ which “suffers loss” and/ or “covers the loss” , but the same parties that share risks and solutions together. Do meet this approach as soon as possible. You will realize that your thoughts come to life at Transay Sigorta.

Transay Insurance, which serves as an agency of Ergo Insurance, one of the leading companies in the Turkish Insurance Sector, is always with you with a modern, fast and customer-oriented service concept for your loved ones and you for today and tomorrow.

Our services:

* Home insurance for your house, building and belongings,

* Workplace Package Insurance for your business,

* Casco Package Insurance, which is the complete guarantee against the damages that your vehicle will suffer,

* Valid in Turkey’s most modern hospital for Your Health Unlimited / Optimum Health Insurance,

We are able to define all the risks on your behalf fully and accurately in your insurance needs and produce the most appropriate solutions for you and pay your damages in full and on time.

Our Agency

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