Rent a car

Rent a car

Car Rental with Driver
Our company, wanting to provide service for its guests not only once, but also growing its customer base with confidence every day, also meets you with chauffeured car rental service.
You can ensure the comfort of chauffeured car rental you need for your guests and your valued guests on all your special days, during special invitations, at meetings and conferences and fair organizations with the privilege of car rental service provided by Transay chauffeur.

Let’s come to your door and let comfort begin.

Fleet leasing
Fleet Rental and Advantages:

Fleet leasing gives you a serious financing advantage and does not link your financial source to an investment item that is constantly losing value.

Fleet leasing gives your company a significant advantage in directing your valuable financial resources to other opportunities. Today, many organizations prefer long-term leasing rather than buying vehicles and take advantage of operational fleet leasing.

Especially for companies with vehicle fleets, renting a car is a much more rational solution.

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