Personnel Transportation

Personnel Transportation

Our corporate, whose main area of activity is personnel transportation, has been in service since 1989 providing its customers with quality service thanks to its professional experience gained and experienced expert staff. Our corporate has over 12000 cars in its fleet, an advanced technological infrastructure and a trailblazing quality and service mentality, and diverts the traffic in the sector through the novelties it brings along, which makes us preferable to the largest companies in the business world.

As required by our quality policy, all the drivers to be employed should be trained, and as a result of which successful ones are awarded certificates and put into customer service.

As part of work safety policy, we keep all the documents required to be in each and every vehicle in digital environment. Our customers, upon request to our corporate portal login, may have access to driver and car documents. Besides, they may keep track of the cars’ daily activities as well as the map and destination details via this system available. With this exclusive privilege given to our customers, we are carrying out our mission of being the most reliable trademark on the subject of instant access to information and transparency in transportation sector.

Security measures are taken by us in all of the vehicles we provide service and controls are carried out continuously by our audit teams. In addition, each individual we carry is protected against possible accidents by means of Personal Accident Seat Insurance and Roof Insurance, as well as traffic and automobile insurance.

Transay has a service concept based on customer satisfaction with its quality system which is exemplary to the sector and proved by international documents.

Prestige Transay is known as prestige in the sector with its brand value, customer profile and service perspective. In this direction, our priority is to maintain our preferred company position by increasing our service quality with this mission.

In our company, driver candidates are meticulously selected. The vehicle drivers to be offered to our customers are subjected to major trainings and must not exceed 25 years and maximum 55 years of age. The certificate is given to the vehicle drivers who passed the trainings successfully. Other than these trainings our vehicle drivers should have no health problems and no criminal record for any crime. The documents are renewed every year and the judicial registry, driving license register and health conditions are checked and the necessary documents are presented to our customers. It does not enter into unnecessary dialogue with the personnel, and is obliged to act in the manner required by our project manager and the institution it provides services in accordance with our code of business conduct.

+ Advanced Driving and Defensive Driving Training

+ Effective Communication Training

+ First Aid Training

+ Problem Solving and Creativity Training

+ Stress Coping Training

+ Case Analysis Training

+ Psychotechnics

+ On-the-job and Orientation Training

Our project managers;

We assign project managers for all of our clients we serve. Our project managers routinely check the adequacy of the vehicle cleaning of our service vehicles and drivers, the suitability of our clothing standards, the heating and cooling devices in the vehicle, and take the necessary measures in case of disruptions at all work entrances and exits of the companies we serve.

Independent Audit Team;
In this department, our employees are independent and unaware of the project manager at the beginning or end of working hours of the companies we serve, and perform the controls of the standards that the project managers and service vehicles and drivers are obliged to comply with, and ensure that the necessary measures are taken by reporting to the company management. Thanks to this audit we have conducted outside of our project managers, negativities can be avoided without the occurrence of customer complaints, which leads to a great increase in customer satisfaction.

Unannounced Inspection;
The personnel in our independent audit team checks the compliance of the drivers working with the traffic rules during the service. With our service vehicle, it is provided to follow the service from the starting point to the last point left by the staff by keeping a certain follow-up distance without any notice. In this audit; the use of the safety lane and overtaking other vehicles in traffic in such a way that disturbs them are recorded with cameras and their contracts are terminated immediately.

Speed ​​Limits and Movement;
All our vehicles are obliged to comply with the speed limits in the city and to act within the route determined by the company we serve. All our service vehicles are kept under control with GPS tracking system. The routes that are agreed with our customers are defined in our system and our vehicles that go off the route and the drivers who do not comply with the speed limits can be detected through the system. Thanks to the tracking system that we use, the information of the vehicle that does not comply with the speed limit or goes off route is automatically sent to both our company and our customers via e-mail, regardless of the system. Vehicle drivers exceeding the speed limits or going off the specified route are warned by us in this direction and in case of repetition of the same issues, the employment is terminated immediately.

Key Features

Compatible with all browsers (without plug-in etc. installation | Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 and above)
4 Language Support
Android, Iphone Application,
User-friendly interface, easy operation and system description with online, offline documents.

You can manage all of your pages through a single window, perform operations on one page, and perform different operations on other pages.


Viewing our fleet on the map without interruption,
Displaying and filtering our vehicles on the move, idle or inert
Viewing detailed the last position information of vehicles (Speed, Daily Km, Total Km, Address, Latitude, Longitude, etc.)
Excessive speed, vehicle entering the zone, exit from the zone warnings,
Route control,
Checking whether the vehicle has entered the selected areas on the specified dates or being able to query whether the vehicle has passed through an area drawn later,
Distance measurement on the map,
Angular tracking feature (direction information the vehicle is driving)
Viewing our service vehicles on the map in fast tracking mode
Vehicle display graphics (speed, total km)
support of many maps (Google Street, Google Satellite, Google Hybrid, Google Terrain, Bing Street, Bing Satellite, Bing Hybrid, Open Street Map, OSM Transportation, Map Quest Open)
Instant traffic situation,
Finding an address and determining your own location,

Why is Vehicle Tracking System?
It increases control.
It increases inspection and control over vehicles and drivers through 24/7 monitoring and in-depth reporting.

It provides safe driving.
It ensures that traffic rules are obeyed by preventing the misuse of vehicles and speeding. It sends alarms in case of accident or emergency. Thus, it reduces the risk of accidents and traffic fines, and provides immediate intervention in case of emergency.
It saves time.
It monitors vehicles 24/7 and reports their start and finish times and optimizes the workflow.
It eliminates unnecessary phone calls with drivers about where they are. This saves significant labor and saves time.

We determine the most suitable route plan by making necessary studies on the subjects such as occupancy rates in the service vehicles, travel time in the service vehicle, walking distance to the service vehicle according to the needs of our customers through the software that we use by our expert team.

Thanks to this application we have made, we can shorten the travel times in the service by determining the most appropriate route plan that our customers should use, as well as creating cost advantages thanks to the route optimization we provide for our customers.

You can contact us to benefit from these advantages.

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