Intelligent Vehicle Tracking System

Intelligent Vehicle Tracking System

Key Features
*Compatible with all browsers (without plug-in etc. installation | Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 and above)
*4 Language Support
*Android, Iphone Application,
*User-friendly interface, easy operation and system description with online, offline documents.
*You can manage all of your pages through a single window, perform operations on one page, and perform different operations on other pages.

Advanced Functions
*Viewing our fleet on the map without interruption,
*Displaying and filtering our vehicles on the move, idle or inert
*Viewing detailed the last position information of vehicles (Speed, Daily Km, Total Km, Address, Latitude, Longitude, etc.)
*Excessive speed, vehicle entering the zone, exit from the zone warnings,
*Route control,
*Checking whether the vehicle has entered the selected areas on the specified dates or being able to query whether the vehicle has passed through an area drawn later,
*Distance measurement on the map,
*Angular tracking feature (direction information the vehicle is driving)
*Viewing our service vehicles on the map in fast tracking mode
*Vehicle display graphics (speed, total km)
support of many maps (Google Street, Google Satellite, Google Hybrid, Google Terrain, Bing Street, Bing Satellite, Bing Hybrid, Open Street Map, OSM Transportation, Map Quest Open)
*Instant traffic situation,
*Finding an address and determining your own location,

Why is Vehicle Tracking System?

It increases control.
It increases inspection and control over vehicles and drivers through 24/7 monitoring and in-depth reporting.
It provides safe driving.
It ensures that traffic rules are obeyed by preventing the misuse of vehicles and speeding. It sends alarms in case of accident or emergency. Thus, it reduces the risk of accidents and traffic fines, and provides immediate intervention in case of emergency.
It saves time.
It monitors vehicles 24/7 and reports their start and finish times and optimizes the workflow.
It eliminates unnecessary phone calls with drivers about where they are. This saves significant labor and saves time.

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